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Adding A New Scheduled Sale

This section of the plugin allows you to schedule a new % sale/discount on your store.


You can define a name for your sale (example: “Christmas – 50% Off T-Shirts”. this is only visible by the wordpress admin).


This is pretty self-explanatory. Our plugin allows you to set a % discount from the regular product price. Just type in the appropriate %, for example 25% if you want the products to be 25% off.

Start & End

WooCommerce allows you to set a start date and an end date for a sale. Our plugin extends this functionality by allowing you to set a start date/time and an end date/time. The sales will be enabled and disabled automatically at these date/times. You can use the calendar & clock icons to select a date/time, or type it directly in the form field.


  • You can add filtering rules for your sale here. For example, if you want to only include Blue Adidas T-Shirts in your sale, you would add the 3 following filters: “Category is T-Shirts”, “Brand is Adidas”, and “Color is Blue”.
  • In addition, you can select several terms for each filter (for example, “Color is blue or green”).
  • Finally, you can also exclude specific categories, taxonomy terms, etc. by choosing “is not” instead of “is”.


When you are ready, hit “Submit” and the sale will be added to the “All Scheduled Sales” page. If the sale has been scheduled at some point in the future, it will be launched at that time automatically (this process happens in the background). Please note if you are launching a sale on many products (hundreds, or thousands), it could take some time to update all products.

The “All Scheduled Sales” page contains a list of all your scheduled sales. For each sale, its status is shown and there are action buttons to stop/trash the sale if needed.