Sales Manager For WooCommerce

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What Is Sales Manager For WooCommerce?

If you have a WooCommerce store, Sales Manager For WooCommerce is a FREE WordPress plugin that helps you launch and schedule % sales/discounts on your store more easily. You can schedule multiple sales in advance by setting a starting date/time and an ending date/time, filter by including/excluding categories or other custom taxonomies (brands, attributes, etc.).


  • Launch % sales on your store easily
  • Schedule sales with precision (select a beginning date/time and an ending date/time)
  • Set up a sales schedule in advance, each sale will be started and stopped automatically
  • Filter by any taxonomy terms to include/exclude (category, brand, tags, attributes …)
  • Compatible with any WooCommerce Shop/custom taxonomies
  • Set a custom list of specific products to ignore when launching sales

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Additional Information

Contributors: j2fb
Donate link:
License: GPLv3


  1. Unzip the download package
  2. Upload sales-manager-for-woocommerce to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

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/2.0 – 2020.12.14/

  • The plugin now uses a custom post type “Scheduled Sales”.
  • Added “All Scheduled Sales” page in admin dashboard. Multiple % sales can now be defined and scheduled in advance.
  • Sales are launched automatically in the background for convenience (previously it was using AJAX), now you don’t need to keep the page open.
  • Filtering now works with categories, brands, tags, attributes, etc.
  • Filtering now allows both include/exclude rules.
  • It is now possible to combine multiple filters when defining a sale (for example: “50% off all blue t-shirts by brand X”).

/1.0 – 2020.07.21/

  • Initial Release